I am writing to let you know what a fantastic job James did at a property we manage.  Late last year, James co-ordinated a refurbishment. We have four tenants there who can be challenging to work with and are more vulnerable than most to disruption. From the outset, James was sensitive to this and provided us with an amazing and professional service. He created work schedules which worked with the tenants and had the work completed on time to a very high standard. In this case we were not the client, but benefited greatly from the work James did.

Operations Manager, CORT Community Housing

New Kitchen:  I would like to say thank you to Karen and her team for the prompt action they took to get my kitchen fixed, and it looks really lovely. I love the new bench.

Pat Buckley, Papakura

Puataunofo Workshop: After the workshop today I feel more comfortable and I know how important it is for us and our workers to use the right PPE gear at the work place.  We now understand heaps about how very important for us to know it and do it and share it with our workers because each and every worker wants good health and to return home safely each day after work.

Jimmy Maintenance

Good Morning,  I had spoken to the tenant, Sheryl.  She is happy this is now completed and she also wanted to pass on a compliment to the contractors who attended this job.  She advised that they had left the bathroom very clean and tidy which she was very pleased as well as completing the work well.

Ameleina Togia, Tenancy Manager

Good morning Ben
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your presentation yesterday.  It totally hit the spot. I spoke to quite a few of the attendees and they got a lot out of your presentation.  I got a real sense of the challenges you face, while working in your environment and the importance of your system to convey information upwards and down.   Because of you we are able to reach out and enable other businesses to learn from the Spencer Henshaw example and build safer businesses that have better worker participation systems.  Best wishes and thanks again

Neil Mookerjee, Duty Holder Review Manager, Worksafe

I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your team, especially the guys, James Tohill and Roger Silulu, who worked on my house. It was a pleasure that they understood that I needed to know that my house was safe and fixed correctly as the house is not mine and belongs to my landlord.  Therefore I needed to make sure that the repairs were done correctly and of the highest standard.  A thank you also goes out to the contractors, the plumbers, the electrician, the after-hours guys and Kevin from the flooring company. Once they showed me how bad it was I was just grateful and thankful that I had just awesome guys working on the job and who appreciated the fact I cared about my home.

Tanja Clauberg

You guys are FANTASTIC – love your work.  The tenant will be so, so very happy she will almost cry – thank you once again.

Susan Cure, Henderson

A couple of weeks ago (it was a Wednesday morning) 2 of your workers came to lay carpet in my unit.  I am sorry it’s taken me so long to email you but I would just like to say how wonderful these 2 men were. They arrived right on time 8am. Their work standard was very good, they were friendly and co-operative and they were quick with their work. I cannot remember their names but hopefully this will be on your records anyway so please can you pass onto to them how impressed I was thanks a lot.

Rachael Jarvis

Hi team,  Just wanted to pass on some great feedback on from this disabled tenant.  The tenant made comments about how polite and professional every trade that came on site was. He also expressed his thanks for a great job.  He is a qualified carpenter and is really happy with the work. “It makes it a brighter and much better space for me,” he said. It’s fantastic to receive this sort of feedback and important to share with the guys that were on site please.  Keep up the great work.

Philip Shore

Plumbers have come to fix the downstairs leak.  Thanks so much.  I have to say I admire their professionalism.  They sent a plumber, Mr Dave Green.  They are all excellent – Shane, Darren and Justin from Spencer Henshaw.  I know this team have done their best to stop the smelly obvious drainage issue under house.  Me and the girls can look forward to a drier winter this year for your combined efforts thanks.  So all good this end, but I can say you send top notch professionals to remedy faults, ta Keith

Keith Madden

Hi there.  I thought I should pass this on – it’s from an email from a client that Bob has just been doing safe@home work for:  “Bob has been amazing and the work he has done on out house has made me feel dramatically safer, especially at night time. I am incredibly grateful for the work you all do.”  Cheers – Liz

Liz McAneny, safe@home Manager

I met with the owner at this property yesterday and just wanted to email you to say thank you for all the hard work and effort that has been put in to this property, particularly the wall repairs.  I went to the property with the wrong version of scope which meant I did not know which walls had been repaired – and I could not tell from looking, this is no small feat being that they had deep gauges and scratches.  The professionalism that you and the contractors have shown during this very trying and extended job has meant that we were able to hand the property back today without any issues.  Thank you again, you guys are great!

Stacey Andersen

I have inspected this property today and it has been left in very good condition.  It’s great to be able to report that the work done to the KI cabinets is as expected and excellent work done by the carpenter/cabinet maker.  The keys have been returned and I conducted an inspection this morning with SHL. There are no outstanding issues at this property.  The contractors have done well.

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