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Spencers’ Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship benefits apprentice employees of our solid and professional trades contractor employers, who are great mentors to their apprentices.

24 Jan, 20241 min read

Spencers created the Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship in memory of Hudson Sellars, our well-loved Quality Assurance Manager who passed away in 2017.
Hudson was always an advocate for our contractors, and he met most of them in the course of his daily work. One of his constant desires, and something that’s a challenge for all of us competing for the services of skilled trades people, was to encourage contractors to grow their businesses, share their knowledge, and provide more jobs.
To honour Hudson, Spencers introduced the ‘Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship’ to benefit apprentice employees of solid and professional employers who will be great mentors to their apprentices.

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