Spencers Employees

We care about:

1. Ethics


Honesty and integrity in everything we do

2. Inclusion


Our diversity reflects our communities and the world.

3. Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Our customers are why we're here every day - We make our customers' problems go away

4. Teamwork


We work better together

5. Getting it Done

Getting it Done

The sense of accomplishment in achieving our goals

Why work for us?

Over 24,000 families rely on us to maintain their homes and keep them in good condition. Our people make a difference in the communities in which we operate and where they live and work. Those people include operational staff, office-based finance and administration teams, as well as health and safety and quality assurance teams. We provide a full range of property repair, maintenance and upgrade services to government and commercial organisations. Our specialisation is assisting organisations with portfolios of residential properties that require long term maintenance. We combine our expertise with that of trades' contractors and consultants to deliver prompt, efficient, high quality work within required timeframes. Our own staff number around 160 and our experienced subcontractor network numbers around 2000, covering all the trades we need to deliver a full maintenance service to our customers.


Many of us are out and about, in the community every day in their safety shoes and company shirts, representing Spencers. We make sure the work is done on time and to our clients' specifications. All of us take our relationships with our trades’ contractors seriously. We can’t do it without them. Our contribution to our communities is the quality of our work.

Spencer Henshaw Spencer Henshaw

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