Health & Safety

We’re absolutely serious about health and safety
High quality work = high quality health and safety

We have comprehensive health and safety policies, thorough procedures and total commitment to the prevention of harm.

All injuries are preventable and we are committed to an injury free workplace.

We are committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all customers, employees, subcontractors and visitors.

The safety of people takes precedence over everything else

Our business has hazards and risks

  • What’s important is HOW we all work.
  • Spencers' professionalism, people, reputation and future rely on working safely.
  • Our clients rely on us all working safely to protect their tenants and reputations.
  • We all need to understand and manage hazards and risks – the right way.
  • We add value to our trades’ contractors businesses by supporting them all the way through with health and safety — because everybody is responsible.

Our trades’ subcontractors are key members of our workforce and their safety is a primary concern - to their families, to their businesses, and to us. We cannot do what we do, without them.

Our health and safety team is dedicated to increasing our trades’ subcontractors’ health and safety knowledge and improving their practise, by providing free health and safety planning assistance and consultancy services.

Keeping Health & Safety Simple:

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Our induction process includes health and safety training on the biggest hazards in our workplaces:

  • Hazardous substances
  • Electric power tools
  • Asbestos
  • Lead-based paint
  • Working at heights
  • Dogs
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